Vision &

Banneker Partners works in close partnership with management teams to pursue a shared customer-centric vision through organic growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions. 

  • We take a partnership approach to help founders and management teams to achieve their goals and build  sustainable long-term value by implementing proven best practices in all functional areas, including sales, marketing, product management, product development, professional services, and customer success. 
  • We complement these growth-focused initiatives with strategic acquisitions that are focused on enhancing the value you provide to your customers.
  • A Shared Vision

    A Shared Vision

    • We invest in a shared vision with management that prioritizes increasing the value we provide to our customers.
  • Invest in Growth

    Invest in Growth

    • In every company, we invest in growth by adding to the team, adopting systems and implementing best practices leading to higher employee satisfaction, improved operations and happier customers.
  • Strategic M&A

    Strategic M&A

    • We seek to do strategic acquisitions to expand our product suite, add new capabilities, address unmet needs and improve our ability to serve customers.

We had a significant hill to climb to unlock the value of the business, Banneker climbed it with us. We would not have realized our potential without their unwavering support.  Exactly the type of partner a CEO wants. Experienced, collaborative, and engaged. From strategic insight to operational support, Banneker’s involvement was a key ingredient in our success.

Matt Gilbert, CEO, Pepperjam - a Banneker portfolio company

Banneker Partners is a “Goldilocks” private equity group: not too big and not too small; helpful, but not overbearing; smart and successful without hubris or presumptuousness.  

Tom Malone, CEO, Routeware - a Banneker portfolio company and a Banneker investor

Banneker is a high integrity group--what they say is what they do. They bring specialized backgrounds in operations and technology, help to extend our team, and contribute significant horsepower to address business obstacles we wouldn't have been able to identify or do on our own

Scott Sexton, CEO, - a Banneker portfolio company