Texada Software Announces Strategic Acquisition of LogiMove

LogiMove adds extensive mobile workflow capabilities to the Texada rental management platform enabling powerful applications including automated equipment inspection

Toronto, August 30th, 2022
– Texada Software (“Texada”), a leading software platform for the

equipment dealer and rental industry, announced that it has acquired LogiMove CheckMobile Global

(“LogiMove”). LogiMove is known for its next-generation mobile no-code/low-code applications for

operations and field services in the equipment industry. With this acquisition, Texada adds a powerful

new component to its platform which integrates equipment dealers' and rental companies' back offices

with both their service and maintenance operations, and with their sales and e-commerce.

LogiMove, based in Reno, Nevada, and Hamburg, Germany, is a no-code/low-code application for

digitizing and optimizing field operations for heavy equipment dealers and rental companies. LogiMove’s

tools are used by industry-leading companies to create fully-customizable process solutions that

automate field tasks, like inspections, without the need for complex coding.

“This is an extremely exciting time for Texada. The addition of the LogiMove solution to Texada’s platform

enables us to provide an entirely new set of integrated field solutions helping our customers automate

otherwise very time-consuming tasks,” said Matt Harris, Texada CEO. Harris added, “Importantly,

LogiMove is a proven product being used innovatively by some of the world's largest rental companies.

Adding LogiMove to Texada will be a game changer for our customers and for the equipment rental and

dealer market in general.”

“The heavy equipment rental and dealer markets are ripe for innovation since much of the software in use

today dates back to the ‘80s and ‘90s, with cumbersome processes and poor customer experience. The

Texada platform and broad customer base combined with LogiMove’s mobile-first customer-centric

applications make this the most exciting offering in the industry. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be

part of creating this future,” said Philipp Weirauch, founder of LogiMove.

The Texada platform provides customers with a complete solution for managing equipment rental

businesses and equipment assets themselves. Texada solutions integrate an equipment rental

company’s back office with its field operations, customer acquisition, and payments, enabling rental

companies to have end-to-end control and visibility into their business. LogiMove brings new integrated

capabilities enabling powerful field applications such as AI-driven automated pre- and post-rental

equipment inspections which demonstrably improve customers’ inspection accuracy and recovery of

damage charges.

“There is a large need in the equipment dealer and rental markets for easy-to-use, modern, cloud-based

software and we’re excited to acquire such a complementary platform as well as the talented LogiMove

team to build a market leader,” said Hugh Kirkpatrick, Vice President at Banneker. “We know an

integrated low-code/no-code solution will add tremendous value for our customers and we look forward to

investing in a shared vision to digitize and transform the equipment industry.”

The acquisition is effective immediately. More information about Texada’s acquisition of LogiMove can be

found at texadasoftware.com.

About Texada

Texada Software offers SaaS and mobile applications for equipment rental companies, equipment

dealerships, construction companies, general contractors, and equipment operators, including mechanics,

logistics managers, and service technicians. Texada’s products manage the entire asset lifecycle,

including equipment purchasing; rental and sales transactions; inventory location, utilization,

maintenance, and depreciation tracking; used equipment sales and disposals analysis; and inventory

replenishment analysis. Texada is the provider of industry-leading technology Texada Mobile, a field

service and logistics management platform; SRM (Systematic Rental Management), a complete

management software for scaling rental businesses; Texada Pay, a payment processing platform; and

GateWay, an online store and mobile e-commerce app for customers and sales teams.

For more information please visit www.texadasoftware.com

About LogiMove

LogiMove, Inc. is a global provider of low-code / no-code software solutions that are used by the

equipment industry to transform complex business processes into efficient workflows. The company is a

technology leader in offering clients easy to use and configurable mobile solutions that support their field

services operations. In Europe, LogiMove is doing business as CheckMobile.

For more information please visit www.logimove.com

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their goals by implementing proven best practices and making additional investments across functional

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