EverAg, a leading agtech provider dedicated to empowering agriculture, food, and beverage supply chains to feed a growing world, is excited to announce its acquisition of Agrestic Research’s crop insurance seasonal analysis and risk management tools.  With that, Agrestic Research owner Stephen Hardison will become EverAg’s Director of Livestock, with responsibility for supporting the company’s livestock risk management team and growing its business. The team will deploy Agrestic Research’s tools, which will no longer be publicly available.

EverAg Acquires Agrestic Research

About Agrestic Research

Agrestic Research was founded in 2021 to research, analyze, innovate, consult, construct and implement ways to improve commodity risk management – specifically as it relates to crop insurance and livestock insurance. Agrestic Research developed futures seasonal patterns on agriculture commodities to help isolate improved buying or selling opportunities for the cash, futures, options or FCIC Livestock Crop Insurance products. Owner Stephen Hardison is the first and only to pioneer crop insurance seasonal patterns for Livestock Gross Margin and Dairy Revenue to help producers/agents align buy or sell strategies with historical patterns to better time entry or exits for higher insurance coverage.